what our client say about us

Mr. Yao had used nearly a year of the 4th generation Spine Massage Bed before using the 5th generation German Spine Massage Bed, by contrast have a better experience. Mr. Yao can only use the Spine Massage Bed twice a week for treatment due to his busy work week. After two months of using it, compared with the 4th generation product, in terms of product performance or efficacy of the product, the 5th generations are far better than before, making it an worthwhile product to possess.

Firstly, in terms of the product performance, it is more comfort compared to the 4th generation and operates very quietly with almost no sound. Secondly the product design is more user-friendly, with different operating modes, which can be adjusted according to users’ requirements, to meet their needs, making the body healthier.

Although, he had been using the 5th generation Spine Massage Bed for only twice a week, his body has made much improvements. Each time, after using the spine therapy bed, the body felt very relaxed. Neck fatigue, pain, lumbar caused by daily work can also be eliminated. It is especially effective to release waist stress for people who sit in the office or people who drive for long period of time. In addition to improving some of the symptoms of the body, the body is more refreshed. Recently, I have experienced a new position, that is during the spine treatments while lying on the bed, lift the two arm lift open and place them on the head, so that the two shoulders areas’ tissues are stretched. So, the kneading roller massage bed thoroughly massage this area which is helpful for treating frozen shoulder. Thank You!

Yeo Sek Kwek People’s Park Centre

Dear Sunshine’s friends, Hi! I’m Eric, I had bought one of your Spine Massage Bed in October this year.Thank you very much for providing such a good product which has improved my physique and my health.

I was a swimming coach who has been having neck pain, arm numbness, back pain since a few years ago, sometime accompanied by a migraine, so it had brought much trouble and inconvenience to my work. I also felt very troubled. I had visited several hospitals, but the treatments were ineffective.

A few months ago, I went to Jurong Point for shopping and passed by Sunshine Health Mart. A Health Club Consultant, Sunny Chew introduced me about this 5th generation of Germany Spine Massage Bed. I have confidence with the company and persistently visited Sunshine Health Mart every day and used the Spine Massage Bed. After one month of using the bed, apparently my migraine disappeared, cervical pain has disappeared and the back pain had also improved. There is a major change in my body, so I think this Spine Massage Bed from Germany is indeed amazing. So I strongly recommend this Spine Massage Bed for everyone, and thank your company’s products which have protected my health. Thank you for your very dedicated and professional staff. Their good service attitude has solve my problems, and makes us buy the products with confidence. I wish the Sunshine Health Mart all the best in their business and prosperity.

Eric Jurong Point Outlet

My name is short as Pala. I knew Mr Sunny at Jurong Point on 6-9-2013 at Sunshine Health Mart #B1-24 . He introduced me to join the Health Club as a member for only $30 per month. I will be able to use a number of equipment at the Sunshine Health Mart.

I have been suffering from acute arthritis at my lower back L4 & L5 and used to suffer cramps every morning between 3am to 5 am on my legs . My orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery but I was against it .

On 9-9-2013, I started using the SYOGRA Thermal Massage Bed at Sunshine Health Mart, Jurong Point. I carried on this treatment for 3 weeks. And to my surprise, the cramps on my legs has stopped. I still continuing with the treatment at least 3 times per weeks. I am so grateful to Mr Sunny for introducing this membership plan to me. Thank you Sunny.

K.PALASEKARAN Jurong Point Outlet